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House Off!

client: National Association of Realtors

Truth: Realtors are losing their street-cred to online sites like Zillow and Redfin.

Truth: We created the campaign House Off!, a gameshow-inspired series of TV, social and digital ads that show the pitfalls of 

            buying a home without a realtor vs. the advantages of having one on your team.

Lie:     I didn't watch WWF throughout my childhood, making these difficult to write.

Show Poster

AD: Jamie Malnati

"Witness the thrills, spills and blindside blitzes of home buying on House Off!"

Fight Posters

Character CArds

Meet today’s home buying baddie, Asbestos.

Home Court: Historic buildings and homes with “character”

Meet today’s All-Star Realtor, Eagle Eye Sherry.

Weapon of choice: Inspection connections

The Anvil of Finance

Prey: The fiscally irresponsible


Strength: Element of surprise

The Hose of Uncertainty

Fun Fact: Available for birthday parties

Fun Fact: Once sold a car to a car salesman

The Negotiation Ninja

House Off! Announcers: Rob & Tim

Claim to fame: Child stars in “Make Me a Mermaid”

Hobbies: Sideline reporting children’s T-ball games


Weapon of choice: Multiplying

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